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Hi, thank you for making this game.

I hope it's okay, but I made a game-play video of this game.

Playing don't spill your coffee, with a bunch of noinsense mixed in

Ever had trouble staying awake and drinking coffee? Well this game is one for you in which we try to get to a meeting with as much coffee as possible. Honestly pretty fun game. Enjoy :D

Is Team Meeting Games on the Twitter?

Awesome game go check out my video on it and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!!!!

Gameplay i did of the game

Such a fun game to play... Enjoy :)

Game scarred me for life. :D

Loved this game :D

This game was so fun to play! I had to edit out a lot of footage because it was just me laughing haha. Here's the link to my video of the game, check it out if you want to :) Thanks!

I absolutely loved the crap out of this hilarious game! Couldn't get enough of it! Great job and good luck to the devs for the future of Don't Spill Your Coffee!

This game is stupidly funny. I watched RaedwulfGamer play and it was the first time in awhile that I'd laughed that much. Decided to try it out myself. :) I did end up beating it lol, and it was a fun hour of playing. Congrats on getting it greenlit!


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A Brief Supremo Update!

Hey there!

I know we've been quiet since being approved for Steam Greenlight, but rest assured we are continuing to work hard on the Supremo Edition of Don't Spill Your Coffee! We've been designing and implementing tons of new mechanics, controls, levels, and more! Now that we have a good idea of the overall scope, story, and new features in the Supremo Edition (plus that we realistically can only work on the game over weekends), we've decided that our original goal of end of Summer was a bit ambitious. We are now aiming for an early 2017 release and we're going to try to post more frequently than we have been.

For now, here's a quick screenshot of one of the break rooms where you can acquire more coffee from a coffee machine if you've spilled too much:

Thanks again for the millionth time for your support!

/Team Meeting Games.

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This has been one of my favorite indie games so far! I literally played it for an hour and a half and didn't even realize it. I felt so motivated to keep trying, and unlike some games, I didn't really feel like giving up. So... try it out. I didn't regret it so I'm pretty sure you won't either! Also, thanks to the game developers for bringing me so much enjoyment!

If you want to check out my gameplay then here it is:


I was wondering if I could make a video and monetize off of this game for my youtube channel?

Yeah, go for it!

Thanks very much!

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I've never booty popped so much in my life! You NEED to play this! See the video here.

Fantastic concept, fantastic game, fantastic execution. DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!


Forreal though, this game is hilarious and an accurate representation of my daily life. 10/10 -Darth

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I played your game! Thank you so much. I'll post part 2 as well when that's out in a couple of days. Such a good game


This game is awesome. I love the hilarity that you stumble upon in the middle of a gameplay session.
If you'd like to watch it, I've made a video on it!

(1 edit) (+1) Don't spill your coffee Funny game.

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I seriously like the game concept. Made hell of a video out of the game. Check it out here.

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Holy crap, the walking is funny XD

Aaaaand yeah, I'm one of those guys who also made a let's play >.> Here ya go!


hey i played it for my channel, finally :D -

So pleased that you guys have been greenlit, you deserve it! Good luck with making a great game even better.

This was one of the most fun games to play for a youtube video. The game itself has its flaws, but its so stupidly weird that its awesome.

It took me forever to edit this video because i was laughing way too much. Enjoy!



Hey i made a video about it!

I was fooling around in this game alot and i love it! Hopes more updates will come out :D


We've been Greenlit on Steam! Thanks so much for your enthusiastic response yet again! We're working hard on the Supremo Edition and will have some surprises to share over the next couple of months. Time for some celebratory coffee!


Hello guys! I did a Live Action of the game, showing Don't Spill Your Coffee in real life!

Fill up your mugs with lots of coffee and get ready for a caffeine overdose! We need to get our project ready at the company, and only the sacred ancient black coffee can save us from distractions and tiredness! So, don't spill your coffee!!!


Great game, loved playing it! :D

I love the live action!

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