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I was wondering if I could make a video and monetize off of this game for my youtube channel?

Yeah, go for it!

Thanks very much!

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I've never booty popped so much in my life! You NEED to play this! See the video here.

Fantastic concept, fantastic game, fantastic execution. DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!


Forreal though, this game is hilarious and an accurate representation of my daily life. 10/10 -Darth

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I played your game! Thank you so much. I'll post part 2 as well when that's out in a couple of days. Such a good game


This game is awesome. I love the hilarity that you stumble upon in the middle of a gameplay session.
If you'd like to watch it, I've made a video on it!

(1 edit) (+1) Don't spill your coffee Funny game.

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I seriously like the game concept. Made hell of a video out of the game. Check it out here.

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Holy crap, the walking is funny XD

Aaaaand yeah, I'm one of those guys who also made a let's play >.> Here ya go!


hey i played it for my channel, finally :D -

So pleased that you guys have been greenlit, you deserve it! Good luck with making a great game even better.

This was one of the most fun games to play for a youtube video. The game itself has its flaws, but its so stupidly weird that its awesome.

It took me forever to edit this video because i was laughing way too much. Enjoy!



Hey i made a video about it!

I was fooling around in this game alot and i love it! Hopes more updates will come out :D


We've been Greenlit on Steam! Thanks so much for your enthusiastic response yet again! We're working hard on the Supremo Edition and will have some surprises to share over the next couple of months. Time for some celebratory coffee!


Hello guys! I did a Live Action of the game, showing Don't Spill Your Coffee in real life!

Fill up your mugs with lots of coffee and get ready for a caffeine overdose! We need to get our project ready at the company, and only the sacred ancient black coffee can save us from distractions and tiredness! So, don't spill your coffee!!!


Great game, loved playing it! :D

I love the live action!


This is quite frustrating. You made a frustrating thing. This is a bit like Flappy birds in 3D + silent hill-helpfulness camera.

Addictive too. Like coffee.

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loved it lots of fun! can't wait for the steam release, here is me flipping out trying to play it xD

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This was a lot of fun to play, really enjoyed it :D


Ahahaha this was so much fun! I loved it, props to the creators! I really think this game should have even more recognition ;)! I made a funny moments video ENJOY!

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Great game. I've featured in my weekly Indie Freebies piece for Gaming Respawn.


This is I Am Bread levels of frustration. It's hard, it's quirky, it's fun as hell!


Some funny moments

seems like it could be a fun game, but i cant get the character to turn, either on controller or mouse + keyboard.

Hello! I can try to look into this tonight. Are you using an Xbox controller? Do you have a standard US keyboard or some other layout? Is there anything else "non-standard" with your PC setup? I'll see if I can reproduce it somehow.


Also, does he move forward and back, and can you move his upper body/butt?

my keyboard is a UK qwerty keyboard, and yes im using a 360 controller. I can move as you describe, my upper body balancing is slow, and i cannot turn

Okay, I have a suspicion that I can check out tonight. Last question, do you have a fast performing PC?

yes, its a pc built especially for running newer games

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I have just uploaded a new version. Can you download it and let me know if the turning controls work for you?


May 15th: v0.2.3 Is Live!

First off, thank you all so much for the enthusiastic response to Don't Spill Your Coffee! This is miles beyond the attention we thought we would ever get and we have laughed at so many of the videos everybody is posting. We're now motivated to push out bigger and better releases! But first, some steps had to be taken to stabilize the code beyond Game Jam code quality. There's still a lot of foundational work to be done before more feature-rich updates get pushed out, but I've addressed some of the more jarring issues that I've seen in various videos:

  • The first time the first door sensor is activated, the game should no longer hang for a second or so.
  • The coffee stains should no longer clip through the ground (especially at the second camera angle).
  • Fixed a bug where the levels would repeatedly skip automatically when moving around the turnstile in the score screen.
  • Various performance optimizations and stabilization.

Thanks again!

/Jared, Jon and Mike.

A fantastic game haha! I had a lot of fun playing, and also my first youtube video is with don't spill your coffee.

Tell me what do you think about it btw :D


Funny and cool game, helped to inspire me to keep making games :


Heya! This looks like it could be a lot of fun! I just wanted to check and make sure it was alright if I did a letsplay of it? (I've noticed a few people already have, wasn't sure if I should still ask, and I decided to err on the safe side.)


Hello! Yeah, definitely make a Let's Play! We've been getting a kick out of how many people are making videos of our silly little game.


This was the hardest game in my life.. I really enjoyed playing it :D

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Great game got to play as a blue alien man who could never seem to make it to his job. 10/10 would fail at it again.

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I had so much fun playing this...seriously...can't tell you the tears of joy and relief I felt just getting to level 3. Hope you don't mind that I made a video of your was too good not to show off. Cheers :D Look forward to seeing what else you make in the future!


Haha awesome game! :D Slightly frustrating but still super fun and hilarious! :D

Stay Rad!! :)


This game was so funny! I really hope this game gains more steam because I literally LOVED every minute of this game! I haven't had this much fun since I finished Human: Fall Flat :D

I did a playthrough of my experience in this game!


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