You've managed to get yourself stuck in 4 places at once! Not only that, but you are constantly repeating your last actions over and over again. Luckily, you can interrupt your past self to re-write what you are doing, but only for 2 seconds at a time. Give yoursel(ves) the tools you need to find all the realignment crystals to get back in one place!

WASD/Arrow Keys: Move

Spacebar: Interrupt your previous path in this time loop and move for 2 seconds. Be careful not to interrupt the wrong time loop!

Made for the GMTK Game Jam 2020.


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I picked up a few items but gave up after that since the cycle times were getting longer over time and I kept extending too late and ruining one of the sequences.

It's a really cool concept and idea, but I got very confused along the way and wasn't sure what I was doing. It seems that pressing space doesn't always seem to work create a new loop, but I might have just been confused and not sure what was going on.